Why Is It Good to Have Backup Plans

It’s always good to have a backup plans like plan A through C, sometimes needing a plan D. That is where we are at right now.

After finding out from the auto shop that it would cost $2,500.00 for them to replace the engine with a used one, $3,600.00 to obtain a remanufactured one and installed, both prices are exceeds the value of the car.

Dodge truckSo, we are at plan D as of now. What is plan D. I bought an engine for my truck back in 2014, but due to my CRPS I am unable to install it. For $250.00 for a cherry picker and we only need to chip in half the cost for the picker, $125.00, $70.00 for a towing fee and have Deb’s nephew install it for $195.00. Just to be on the safe side, I am going to say $250.00 for misc items that may be needed.

Crossing my fingers to see if this plan will hold.


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