Lakes, placid, clam

Sunday Reflections

I believe Sunday’s are a good day to take pause from our daily busy routines that seem chaotic at times from certain events that are out of our control and utilize this time to reflect, contemplate the wonders in our life, rejoice that we woke this morning –though body may ache, breathe the aroma of fresh coffee brewing or tea steeping.

Take pause watching leaves of earth tone colors slowly falling to lush green grass, though we may prefer solitude -close eyes and find solace listening and being grateful background voices are still there that brings smiles upon you faces like the morning sun rise.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections”

  1. Or you can always put in some earbuds to get a tiny bit of Zen 🙂 I agree, I love to read, write, relax & reflect on Sundays. We all need that time, and the coffee always tastes better.


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