Kawasaki Police edition

A Responce

Yesterday, I read a post and my heart went out to this person. The post was titled, “WHY I’VE LOST HOPE FOR HUMANITY“. When you read it, you feel the sorrow, devastation of loss and rage pouring out through the words and vision tears running down the face as the words were typed.

As I write this, I am still trying to find the right words of wisdom to use, so I will just put my own perspective on this subject. Motorcycle fatalities.

750 HondaI have rode for many years and it is one of my true loves in life besides fishing, from seeing the open roads, the wind in your face to a special sense of autonomy and if lucky enough to have woman ride in back squeezing your mid section, well hell -that is icing on the cake.

bike patchI remember when I got my first patch while I was married at the time, I felt proud to be in a club, the feeling of acceptance among peers that had one thing in common.

Although it provides great pleasure for me at one time there are very dangerous pitfalls to ridding even for the casual weekend rider.  There are many things that can happen as you can imagine from a tire blow outs to the front brakes locking up that can cause instant death if traveling at excessive speeds. . Yet there are other forces that cause these fatal accidents. DUI drivers.

A rider has to stay Alert at all times while planning escape routes, but there are those time, when there is no escape.

MotorcycleWreckAugust 23, 2015 while Deb and I were headed back to the apartment we saw a very bad accident involving one car and a motorcycle.  Once, I saw them put the blue tent up in an attempt to mask the underlying events, I knew a fellow rider was no longer with us. Two days later, I learned that some parents took their kids there to get a closer look, why a parent would want to show their child a body bag is beyond me. The driver of the car is twenty-five years of age, the motorcyclist -fifty-six.



15 thoughts on “A Responce”

  1. I read her post too and it saddened me as well..my sister and her husband ride their motorcycle frequently and have had a few close calls over the years…it is amazing how car drivers show little tolerance for motorcycles…(I am a cyclist and they are even worse with us!)


  2. Thank you for this post Michael. Joey loved to ride, in fact, riding was his passion and he would have admired your words of wisdom. At the vigil, the motorcycle riders took turns doing burnouts to honor Joey. The family wore the colors orange and black at both the wake and funeral, and we had many motorcycle riders (too many to count) come and pay their respects. Hopefully the family can one day find comfort in the fact that Joey died doing what he loved doing the most. We continue to support the family in prayer. Thank you again Michael.


  3. Oh that’s truly awful. What the f*ck were those parents thinking? I witnessed a horrendous motorcycle fatality at the tender age of 10. I was the only eye witness and the man had just robbed a bank and was trying to evade police on his bike. It was ugly. It still haunts me to this day. I kept my cool though, and I gave a very accurate statement to the police. I understood the gravity of the situation, and I knew how important it was that I gave them every last detail of what I’d witnessed in the crash.

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        1. Makes you wonder where we are headed when we have people like this out there in the world. It’s one thing to witness such events by being there when it happens but it’s another story when adults take their offspring to see it first hand treating it like a movie at the theater.

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          1. It’s just utterly disgusting. It’s not unusual either. I’ve got many friends who are firefighters, paramedics and cops. People will even show up at active swat situations where their lives are literally in danger, just to watch the “show.” I’m sickened by the state of our world.

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