Why You Should Stop Striving to Be Happy

Our friend Danny in this vast blogosphere has wrote one of the best writings I have seen in quite some time, Take the time to read this one and you might find yourself reducing your frustrations in life!

Dream Big, Dream Often

nro1z-happiness-1I was talking with my friend Stephen several weeks ago about life in general while we were grilling out.  In our discussion the topic of happiness came up and both of us came to the same conclusion: people who set their goals around “being happy” are in for a frustrating life.  I have spent more time kicking the idea around in my head and decided to put some thoughts down on paper.

The basic premise of our talk was that happiness is an emotion not a state of being and that striving to be happy as a life goal is futile.  So that we are all working with the same understanding of happy, The Oxford Dictionary defines it as: feeling or showing joy or contentment.

Here is the problem I see with setting a goal to be happy.  Happiness is an emotion and like all emotions they fluctuate according to…

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