Chapmantown, CA

One evening around the summer of 85, a Mother tells her husband that something is wrong. The auburn haired petite woman exclaims she feels it in her gut. The husband sighs and pauses for reflection. “Micah, were going to look for Tazz”.

Tazz being the youngest of three boys was a wild child to say the least. The sneaking out, parting with older adults, drinking moonshine with the best of them among other stuff. He also had what some like to call the seven day itch.

Although he was only fourteen or fifteen at the time, he was infatuated with this one long haired brunette girl that towered him with parents that would kick the kiddies out even if late at night, so they could have adult parties and not feel bad about it.
By the time the father and eldest son got ready, it was nightfall. Not knowing where to begin they head out to the favorite stumping grounds and seeing no signs they decide to head out of town. They take the back roads and catch highway 32 headed to Hamilton City.  Once in Hamilton City, the father and son are aChico CA, Chapmantown CA, Hamilton city, butte county.t a crossroad as to which path to take. They decide to take highway 45; a shortcut to what might be one of the destinations if trying to relief that seven day itch.

With headlights on bright, the father looks on one side while the eldest son is watching the road and looking on his left. A few miles down while traveling at 55 mph, the eldest son catches a glimpse of reflections casting from the high beams in front of him, with hands in the 10 and 2 O’clock position swerves hard right hoping not to hit the object in the middle of the road. The brakes slam a few feet ahead of the object that laid there in the middle of the road. The father’s face is pale, tears falling. The eldest son is in shock –wondering.

They both open the car doors of the light blue white soft top 67 Cadillac and proceed to the object just lying there motionless. The realization hits when they see it is Tazz not moving a muscle with a touch of frost bite on his skin. The father kneels, raises his son’s head, the eldest son thinking and feeling the weight that he just ran over his little brother.

After a minute they hear a very faint whimper/whisper. Eyes close for a moment while the father hugs his son tighter. They carry him to the car and drive to a small local diner/truck stop to get him some hot chocolate -trying to warm him up. The younger brother explains the events how he was left stranded by his friend and the middle brother, so he thought he go see his girl, he didn’t realize how far the walk was. The father asked how he got so far, Tazz said that he caught a ride by an older guy that was headed in the same direction so he took the ride not knowing he still had 20 miles to go. The drive back was silent and filled with reflections of what could have been. Tazz is returned safely to his mother arms.

They say a Mother’s intuition is strong when pertaining to her children.

Author’s notes:

Even though this happened over thirty years ago, I still wake in cold sweats from time to time thinking about that night. It’s the what ifs that get to you I think, what if I were not alert, daydreaming as I normally do, what if I swerved to late.

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  1. Wow! What a terrible experience! So glad it turned out well. It’s always good to listen to your gut feeling and stay alert. Thanks for sharing. A good reminder for everyone to pay attention and don’t be afraid to act on what you feel.

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