This Morning – A Brief post!

Good morning everyone, I hope all you are doing good and having a good day or evening.

This morning I opened my email and I got a reply back from one that I sent out on August 6th of this year.

The message:

“Hello, Michael, yes I am the person you are looking for.    I did not respond as we found your Blog found too much information about us, that we would appreciate you deleting. I would correspond with you but would not like to see it on your Blog.  Much appreciate if you considered……”
This is from my sister, the one that I have been searching for, the good news is that I did find her, maybe there is something to my Uncle Joe calling me Sherlock.  So, to respect their wishes, I will have to delete some earlier posts.
The post that it will effect are:
and this one:
These will be the post that I will permanently delete from this blog.

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