Photos of Time Past

As some of you know, at least the ones that have been following me for the past five months, is that I enjoy restoring old photos and bringing them back to life. I saw two photos that were calling me -maybe its OCD. Let me know what you think! 🙂  Seriously! Good or bad criticism!

I just wanted to show everyone what a little love does!

Paula Sillars  site 14 Weeks Worth of Socks has a great site for family history to Street cars in San Francisco. The first two photos belong to her.

army, military,war, old photos
© Paula Sillars
© Paula Sillars
© Paula Sillars


The next two belong to Jackie Dinnis at Meeting my family

This one took a little over two hours this morning for a partial fix.

© Jackie Dinnis
© Jackie Dinnis






© Jackie Dinnis
© Jackie Dinnis



28 thoughts on “Photos of Time Past”

    1. Scan two copies one at 300 dpi and one at 600 dpi or you can mail a copy of it to me at my home address. If you wish to do that then send me a hi message to email address and I will send the address to you.

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      1. Cool, thank you. It will probably be next week sometime as it’s at his house. It’s in pretty bad shape though so I’m not sure you’ll be able to create a miracle!


          1. Wow, they’re really good. The first one is encouraging with it being torn and cracked, but mine is that times 5! I’ll sort out a scan though – one can always hope! 🙂


  1. They look amazing! I love how you made the clarity show the minute details and the faves of the people in the group shot. Utterly amazing. Well done good sir! 😘


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