Angle, angles, sent to heaven

Summer 1992

I Remember You

Young, vibrant exciting you were

 Shiny brunette hair with auburn highlights

What a delight you were

Boundless curls as men’s toes bowed

Those bedroom eyes made many sigh

I remember you

Early night comes as a gentle tap is heard

We talked while playing Asteroids and Chess

How I dreamt of your warm soft chest

Night’s air filled with perfumes of heaven

Gentle skin as ships sail in calm winds

Red ruby lips

Spin the bottle –kiss and tell

I silently fell –wishing, hoping that bottle point my way

Just one kiss

I remember you

University knocks as we prepare to rock

Full of desire and aspirations you were

One night your Father dims your light

His gambit ways as he ploys you to follow his university ways

Title waves bashing back and forth

As you plead your case, the gavel hammers down

Flood gate releases

Head on my shoulder

He starts to hither -I feel your body shiver

I hold you tighter

Exclamations fill the room

I feel the questions marks that pierce my soul

Awkward silence comes

Doom hovers, there is no cover

 I wish I were Doctor Strange –one twist of my ring

Verdict is in, judgment handed down


One swift kick with his steel boot

The sparkle that once was

Grand dreams of soaring is no more

You fought and clawed to pay for Chico State

To follow your dream of a School Psychologist

I remember you

A year has passed

I stand in the back

While you shook your ass

Legs wrapped around that shiny silver pole

Your hips -up and down you go as you licked your lips

Slowly removing thin pieces of cloth

Exposing flesh of desire

The color green fills the air

Invited to those private rich parties

I remember you

I awoke one morning, sun shining bright through the bedroom window

Sun’s rays tingling on my face

The way I felt each day when I saw your face

A bird sang its song in my ear that day during class

I in disbelieve

Bewildered from the songs that I have heard

The weight of a ton crushing my chest

I don’t believe as denial piles

Yet, there you laid upon that altar

Till my last breath

I shall always remember you


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