This Evenings Epilogue

I have been at this for 11 hours finding sites to reblog. Eyes are fired.

I waded through the muck, and some that were like looking at a playboy magazine -or penthouse, or mags for women, Think i’ll have to take a brush to my eyes and scrub them later to get certain images washed away.

I am not a prude by any means, in fact I quite enjoy the female anatomy -but to reblog for a G-to PG site. Not going to happen.

I hope you found some you liked.

There are some others that I found pertaining to photograph and other venues, but no press this or reblog button so for sites like that I will create a page, title Blogs to visit I think.

I have dinner going, I hope all have very good rest of your day or evening.


7 thoughts on “This Evenings Epilogue”

  1. No harm meant. I love your gesture of re-blogging, but my email is now filled with re-blogs. I subscribed to YOUR blog, and I am genuinely interested in what you have to say. Maybe limit the re-blogs to one per day?

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    1. Good morning, nothing in particular, new sites that might need some help to get noticed in this vast sea of blogs, poems to writings that I found of interest or some what thought provoking.I will go through your site today once I wake up a bit more.


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