Stephanie Hughes, Bad Dress Code Policy,Woodford County High School in Kentucky

School Dress Code Policies

I wanted to take a break from reblogging for a moment to address a rising issue that we as parents are facing with certain schools.

The feature image is of Stephanie Hughes who attends the Woodford County High School in Kentucky. Her Mother was called to the office to pick her daughter up for  not dressing and adhering to the school’s dress code policy. The young girl’s Mother is Stacie Dunn who was irate and took to social media. That is how I found the article that can be read here: Bad Dress School Policy.

As any one can plaining see the girl is dressed nice and cute for a girl her age and I being a male see nothing wrong with the way she is dressed, but according to the school, her collarbone was revealed. OK!

Last week I believe on Friday night, one of my friends showed me a pic that was sent to her on her mobile phone of one her friends daughters getting sent home for not dressing appropriately. This was in Flandreau, South Dakota. The young teenage girl in the pic, you could not see skin anywhere but her face wearing glasses and very little of her neck line. Now the white sweater that this young girl was wearing had the sleeves extending her hands wearing blue jeans and tennis shoes. Yet she got sent home. Now for the double standard for this school, there are girls that wear those short tank tops, maybe my female audience would know what they are called, but anyway, these other girls have their bellies exposed, with one false move anyone could most likely get a peek at their boobies.

I just don’t understand what is going on with our school systems?

What are your thoughts?


17 thoughts on “School Dress Code Policies”

  1. I really think I am a prude when it comes to how teens dress. There is a time and place. School you have to dress like you are being respectful. But what do I know, when I was in school we didn’t dress like the kids do now! Until a couple years ago nobody really cared.and that’s when things got racy. Little girls would go to school in a bustier!! Hot pants! And tube tops! My jaw would drop when their shorts barely covered their ass, and there were guys gawking at them. There I was being a prude, because my jaw would drop and I would be thinking “your mom lets you go out like that!”
    It’s school, not a dance party! My god if I ever dressed like that I would be slapped upside the head! Yes, indeed, I am a prude!

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  2. I find that this whole dress code thing, is actually the start of victim blaming, which happens a lot now a days and is something I am quite passionate in stopping. There was an article where a girl was sent home because her uniform would be distracting to not only the boys in her school but also to the male teachers. That one had me frothing at the mouth.

    Yes, we should encourage both boys and girls to dress appropriatly for school as they would in the work environment

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  3. This seems to be the Era of taking offense to everything. Now no one can say anything, wear anything, eat anything or do anything for that matter without being persecuted. We fight for freedom against other countries, but want to oppress the people in it… makes no sense.


  4. There’s so much of this in the media at the moment and I really don’t get it either. It’s different here in the UK – for the most part, schools enforce a uniform policy and I’m a big advocate for this. It prevents bullying for ‘not wearing the correct labels’ and prevents this nonsense as everyone is clear on what they have to wear. There are obviously kids who try to bend the rules – teenagers want to express their individuality after all – but nothing seems to blow up to the same level as the stories we hear from the States. I could obviously be wrong, it’s just an opinion. The whole collarbone thing is daft, but I do think that school dress in the long run should adhere to a modicum of decency (ie nothing excessively short / low cut) and this goes for teachers too – but again, that’s just me wishing that children could stay as children and not mini adult copies for as long as possible!

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  5. What is she supposed to wear? A turtleneck? I’ve seen kids at the bus stop and from what I see, they should of given this girl a prize for leaving the house fully covered.

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