Off I Go

FYI: I created a new page titled, Blogs to follow or at least to look at

I found out that Wes Craven had passed on Saturday, I am bummed!

Stock market plunges 3% from Chinas bleak out look.


as I slip away in the mist of night

I bid you a goodnight and leave with this.

I have seen many sites

Some good, some really good and some just Ehh…

My eyes once again fried

Tormented from mighty flagpoles

Standing tall and proud

All I could do is stand up, salute for being bigger then I

I’ll need to flush with turpentine

Light my eyes with kerosene

and steel wool my eyes from today’s adventures into the deep forest

like I said, I am not a prude -just a heterosexual that rather feast his eyes on the female body

If any one feels they have a good link from fellow bloggers or even you’re self

Then please feel free to share and as I investigate and reblog or press it.

If you rather not leave it in the comment area then



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