In Honour of Those Who Won’t Make it, I was a Victim of Abuse

As I was eating my oatmeal bar for breakfast and searching through the murky waters, I noticed I had a new follower, two in fact and I will get to the other follower momentarily. I searched Kezia Lubanszky site and found this one that hits home for me. I had a female friend while in my 30’s and hope that her fate is that she is still breathing the air that we do. This is about abusive relationships. A very good read. Thanks for following my new friend!

Kezia Lubanszky

whiteribbonI never thought I’d be one of those girls. You know the type – the ones who cling to poisonous relationships, allowing their partner to strip them of their self-esteem, self-love, and eventually, their happiness. The term ‘abusive relationship’ was foreign to me. Although I’d been teased, threatened – and finally – physically harmed, to call my partner an abuser seemed completely over the top.

In this piece for The Morning Bell blog I write about acknowledging abusive behaviour in relationships, both as a favour to ourselves and in honour of the women who are killed by their partners in Australia every week. Today is White Ribbon Day, the largest male-led campaign to stop violence against women in the world. Awareness, education and acknowledgement are key in allowing victims to feel strong enough to save themselves.

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