You didn’t love me

I found this brand spanking new blog just moments ago, Looks like it was started in July, I think most of us can relate with this one of a fallen relationship. The word is spoken yet the other party just fades away after they are done with you.


You didn’t love me
You liked my lips on yours, you liked the taste of my tongue
You liked the way my breasts were shaped, perky and small
You liked the touch of your fingers brushing my nipples
You liked the taste of my insides on your tongue
You liked to thrust your tongue into me and the way I screamed your name
You liked the fact that someone could love you like I do
You liked the attention that others were tired of giving you
You liked how I was so terrified of losing you
You liked that I would try to work
things out instead of leaving you
You liked that I was always down for a good fuck, just like you
You liked that I would always be yours
And I liked all of that too
But you didn’t love me
You didn’t care if we lasted…

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A new care factor.

This was a great find Danny, Leila this was very good with a harsh look at Dementia which I am very familiar with, I also understand your frustrations of children not being their for their parents who after all raised them, I see this happen far too often and burns me as well. This is very good read and is why I am reblogging this one as well.

Reflections by Leila

Have you ever found yourself looking in the mirror at your reflection and asking yourself, “Well, what now?” Ever asked yourself, “What are you waiting for?” I was today pondering those very questions as I stood in a hospital elevator staring at my reflection in the elevator mirror trying to work out why I was so restless. The look on my face said it all because as I stood there staring at myself with a very restless and heavy heart I realised that things needed to change and, that it was time to change it. Let me explain further.

20150830_112340 (2)

I have a heart for helping people, especially the hurting and the broken. My heart breaks when I see someone hurting and all I want to do is go and comfort them, hug them and try to make them feel better. I also find that I at times attract people who are…

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What Is Success?

Sometimes we place the idea of success on monetary wealth when we should focus on core values first! Well worth the read!

Brain Cluster Fudge

What is success to you? I think for a lot of people, success equates to the possession of stacks and stacks of cash. Now, I’m not against people striving for wealth. Heck, I’m trying to get there myself. I want to create wealth for myself and my family (I’m not even close). But if you were rich by working at your business/job for the last 10-15 years selling a product or service that you hated and didn’t give a crap about, would you still be “successful”? Or if you sacrificed your family, diverted attention away from your spouse and kid(s), maybe even be divorced, would that make you “successful”? If so, then good for you. I really am. I’m glad you’re happy with all the zeros on your bank account balance but yet divorced with your kids hating you. And you screwed all your customers over selling your useless product/service…

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The Plan

While I reflect on certain options due to misfortune, as the mighty troll takes the ill gray far away to a distant land in hopes of renewed life or to meet with Mr. Reaper, When Tuesday comes, judgement will come.

In the mean time, I will leave you this.

As you have noticed I decided to reblog a few sites, This does take some time because I read them all to the end and reflect as to the point that the writer is trying to get across with me always analysing things to death. Meaning I go over them again even when the weeds are already pulled. It’s just me -not you.

The plan:

When I first started this blog, I focused on my family history (genealogy) with some recipes thrown in, yet I have noticed that the recipes and recent poems have done very well. I am very happy about that and grateful to all who follow, liked and or commented. I thank you and appreciate all of you. I am not just saying this for this is the truth.

So, the itinerary if you liked to think of it that way. I will continue the poems whether about love, true love, the feeling of being wanted and needed, after all don’t we need that from time to time? Some may express death events, some may be quirky.

From time to time I will throw in a post about a new relative that I have found if you don’t mind. I promise to keep those short.

Right now, as I dwell in this hut stuck in this temporary rut,

Allow me to clean my mind from this funk to rid the junk.

As, I will continue to find new blogs to reblog to ease my mind.

In the mean time, I will leave some links here of greatest hits for some of the new followers that may not have seen the poems and to my very first post when I created this about six months ago.

A poem I wrote dedicated to Alison Parker and Adam Ward the two news anchors who were shot and killed.

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Bottom of this one you can see an Easter cake I made a while back while going through therapy on my left arm and hand

Very first post -How I found my brother

Being Mindful of Others

Danny most of us should know who he is, reblogged this and I am doing the same. This was a very honest look into herself from a recent experience

A Journey With You

I am carrying my problems. You are carrying your problems. Everyone we meet has bills to worry about, a flat tire, a sick kid, a dying loved one, a sore back, hurting feet, a fight with their partner, or countless other things. I forget sometimes. I forget.

Yesterday after getting our car fixed, my husband and I stopped at a Mexican restaurant to get lunch. We don’t usually eat at chain restaurants, but this is one where we enjoy a few of the menu items.

I ordered a chopped salad (no meat), extra avocado and dressing on the side. My husband ordered a rice and bean bowl. When our meals came to our table, I let out a sigh of disappointment and said, “This is just lettuce.” The woman who was serving it said, “Is there something wrong?”

“Usually this comes with cheese, and chips and salsa fresca.” I said.

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Mocha cookie Mousse

I ran into this site a few days ago and when I saw this Mousse, I wante to dive right in with fork in hand. from Lynz Real Cooking, she also has some very cool photos!

lynz real cooking

This is a special dessert that I have made for many years.  It became a favorite of my British neighbor while we were residing on a Western compound in Riyadh. She asked me to make it for her weekly and said that it was her husband’s all time favorite dessert. It has a light mocha flavor and a chocolate cookie crust.


2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips

1/2 cup strong coffee or espresso

2 egg yolks

1 small jar marshmallow fluff

1 small container whipping cream

1/2 cup white sugar


15-20 chocolate cookies made into big crumbs


Pour crumbs into small spring form pan, press down and even out.




In sauce pan mix chocolate chips, water and coffee. On low heat whisk until smooth and chips are melted. Remove pan from heat and let cool slightly while doing the next step. Separate 2 eggs and use only yolks…

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Landscapes of Our Faces

I found Stephanae a while back, you may or may not know her, but she helps the vision impaired look good and feel better about themselves. I have a male friend who is blind rather recently who is a farmer, he saw dark floaters one day and the next his vision was gone.

Bold Blind Beauty

The Terrain

A collage of 4 selfies that I call "Faces" Faces

The following article (with minor edits) was originally posted last year:

Landscapes of Our Faces; sounds poetic and could double as a soap opera title. The first time I heard the term was when Stephanie Van, my vision rehabilitation teacher, was giving me some makeup tips and I liked the sound so much I just had to write about it.

Like life itself, with the exception of those whose livelihoods depend on facial care, many of us can take our faces for granted. How many times do we really pay close attention to our own face unless there’s an issue requiring closer examination?

I think it’s safe to say that we understand the face is necessary for individual recognition and we are familiar with its various components. We may even know our facial shape, tone and type but what if you couldn’t see your face? How would you…

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