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What You May Not Know.

Some may know but some may not know.

DeVry University, network administration, networkWhen I first got my A.S.S degree in Network Systems Administration, I was under a cloud thinking that you had to be bright in order to get your foot in the door with a large corporation, I later found out a secret within the some of the IT industries.

Have you ever found yourself thinking that you knew more then the person waiting on you at your local Best Buy? Maybe the customer service representative “Helping” you on the phone?

Both my friend and I applied at our local Best But, he with his brand new B.S Computer Science degree and I with my Network Systems degree, We were not hired. Later on when I went to the store to purchase a graphics card, I noticed one of their techs from the Geek Squad coming out of a room that was to the left of me, messed up hair, shirt partially tucked in one side in and the other hanging and flapping around with ground in  staines ready to start his day. I texted my friend Dustin, I know why we were not hired. We were dressed to good-their looking for slobs and morons. True story!

When I was studying my butt off with virtual labs using Citrix because it was a safe environment in case of mistake that would not fry real servers, you gain an understanding of how things work along with a set of known rules that must be followed.

It took me a few years after my degree to get a real Tech position, before that I was a customer sales rep selling private student loans and doing testings on upgrades to ensure those upgrades would hold,

When I finally got a position with that shiny title of Tech Support, during the training session, we were told -they can teach us the tech stuff but they can’t teach how to be a good customer service rep. The had every possible document that you could think off.  But, there are always those certain instances where it is not written  and you have to use your logic to solve the problem.

My brother Roy who works for Wells Fargo as a Project Manager in the IT department, told me their techs just google to find an answer, Google the one and all cure all for all your needs. One person that was hired there to create and fix Web pages had to seek help, after my brother did the Web page he turned and released his wrath on the young gal. I think he could have handled it better but that is just my opinion. The question is, she was hired on to create Web pages for the company and maintain them. So how come when it came down to it she did not know what she was doing?

Companies are finding it hard to retain Customer service Representatives. Some companies are offering a $1,500.00 sign on bonuses. Here are other companies offering small to large sign on bonuses.  This is off the track of IT positions but there may be an underlying theme.



5 thoughts on “What You May Not Know.”

  1. I have the service and communication skills without the degree. If someone takes the time to interview me I do very well. Getting a shot at that without the degree is tough. I also color outside the lines and think outside the box so I make progress anyway;) The road less traveled is beautiful. Sounds like you have had a great adventure, too!


  2. Our culture is rather complicated, isn’t it?! Degrees matter, but not like in the past. Dressing nicely for an interview matters, but not like in the past. Workers are responsible for their duties, but Google can help/hinder everyone as they do their own problem solving. As for customer service, I highly value respect, courtesy, clear communication as much as I value the content that is being shared. Rare is the person who can do both well and at the same time.


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