Writing Contests

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Writing in Real Time

I don’t do Writing Contests.

It’s nothing against them, actually, just that striving for awards doesn’t blip on my radar and putting forth the effort to prepare an entry, get together an entry fee (BIG No-No as far as I’m concerned), and then wait for a response when I could just as easily put that story out there for an audience to read, seems like a waste of time to me.

Way back in the day, I used to debate at length on the subject of Exposure and while I would wholeheartedly agree that getting your name and work out there is important, is paying for it really the way to go?

There are two questions that should be considered when speculating on this issue:

1) Is the cost worth the potential benefit?

2) Am I doing this for the Craft or for the Accolades?

Don’t get me wrong, everyone…

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