30 Day Fitness Challenge: Week Five Summary

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28 and Counting...

High Level Summary

My workouts this week alternated between three and four videos per day. Similar to my last update, I am not going to repeat my reviews from previous weeks, but I have provided links to all of the videos I did so that you can follow along. What I would like to share this week is an overall pro tip: I recommend giving yourself a break in between workout videos, especially when they are HIIT based (or when you’re simply exhausted).

Depending on your fitness level, the break could be anywhere from 10 minutes (the perfect length of time to stretch your muscles and hydrate yourself!) to a few hours. The reason I suggest this is because it will be hard to give each video your best effort if you are exhausted when you start. I was able to push myself for every video, but I did take some time to catch my breath in between workouts…

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