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Reflections of Past



At times I reflect upon the past as most do, we go through are writings, drawings among others items, perhaps a glimpse in the mirror and ponder if we still feel the same..

I wrote this back in 1998, after re-reading it -I still feel the same just with older eyes, more wrinkles, hair growing in gray especially my beard.


Sometimes the things we hold onto can be a blessing.

A story about this one is even though I wrote it back in 98 it  helped me while attending college.  I was taking an advanced english course, my Professor at the time was Dr. Lisa Shuchter, this would have been around 2007 somewhere. I emailed this writing to her and to my astonishment, I was informed I passed the class for the term with an A.

A portion of the reply:

“Michael, you must be really stressed out. Don’t
worry about our class; you have an A for the term.
Good luck with your phone interview tomorrow morning.
Hope all goes well, Lisa”


The actual writing was published in one of the local papers,  May of 1998.

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11 thoughts on “Reflections of Past”

  1. Hello Michael,

    It’s sometimes nice to look back, it helps us appreciate the present and become hopeful for the future.

    I recently found a letter that I wrote to myself in 2009, I was so amused by how different I am now, how much more certain of myself I’ve become and how I have “found” myself.

    Indeed, “Sometimes the things we hold onto can be a blessing.”

    I enjoyed reading this well-written post. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

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