Applebee's, resturant

Ice Cold!

Restaurant empty, Applebee'sAs a treat last night, we decided to go to a local restaurant and enjoy a meal with out having to cook it ourselves. We get there and the young lady informs us it will be a five to six minute wait because the kitchen is slightly backed up. OK, we said. As I took a seat on the waiting bench, I noticed that some of tables and booths were not occupied. Humm! I was thinking to myself, a five minute wait and there is availible seating. I should have known something was wrong, after all this was a Friday night known as one of the busy nights for restaurants anywhere in the states.

We get our booth, the waitress gets us our waters and asks if we would like a beverage. She takes our beverage order. The waitress comes back and proceeds to take our dinner order, We both get the Bourbon Steak with garlic mashed potatoes. How can you go wrong? As, we nurtured our beverage as we waited for our food to arrive I was looking around, and noticed a few more people come in and seated. Not many but a few. Awfully strange for a Friday night.

Our food finally arrives, the steak looks awesome and seeing the sizzle underneath the steaks just made you want to dive right in, the slight aroma of the whiskey finding your nose.Then I noticed the Garlic mashed potatoes, they had this shine to them. I will admit it has been a while since I have been behind the Cold mashed potatoesgrill but that brought some flashback memories yet I could not remember what it meant. The Server asked us to cut into our steaks and we did and they were perfect. Then my better half tasted the garlic mashed potatoes, I heard this kind of yelp, she informs the Server the potatoes are ice cold. The plate is extremely hot to where you have to use a utensil or napkin to move the plate. How can this be? I tasted mine, and the same thing, ice freaking f@@ing cold!

I could not see any reason for this period!. I’ve been there, I know first hand what it’s like to be overwhelmed with customers coming out of the wood works. I get it! Yet, the establishment was virtually empty as it was. As soon as I told the Server that my potatoes were cold as well, I noticed a young couple that were just seated, got up and left. I think the young man heard me. Then, I noticed another couple that were only there for about ten minutes leave too, they were behind us around the corner so it was not because they heard me. As a former professional cook, sous chef there is no reason to send out a plate with ice cold food on it, especially if you know it and just trying to get the orders out as fast as you can and hoping that the customer will not notice, or in hopes of buying you some time. Not the way to do it.

Margarita, Alcohol, tequila In the end we did get fresh Garlic mashed potatoes that were hot with the apologies of the attending Manger, we even got a five dollar coupon for the next time we go there, I have reservations though.

Well atleast, we had our Margaritas to comfort us. 🙂


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