Trains, Train crossing, Blocking road


While I am waiting to obtain some fresh tomatoes from a garden, so that I can make my homemade tomato sauce and capture photos for a post I wish to do, I thought I would talk about road blocks.

I was going to write a different post, but when I was recently delayed by a train, I had some time to kill, like using the steering wheel as bongos, murmur to myself, scratch my head, making horse sounds from waiting and waiting.

Roadblocks appear in different configurations affecting, preventing aspects of goals or even daily tasks. Roadblocks hinder finding information on ancestors; repress normal activities from an ailment or disability-roadblocks may be viewed as a challenge.

ToysFacing roadblocks may not be easy, fun or speedy, I usually look for an alternate path and if that path is a forest filled with thick brush, then I gather my rope and machete.


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