Interesting conversation

AuntCrisI decided to give my Aunt Cris a call since I was having some issues with writers block, we talked for eighty-one minutes today. Ancestry one of the tools that I use tells me that she is my and I’ll quote from the software “Your 1st cousin 1x removed”, now growing up we were told to call our elder relations aunts or uncles and that is why I call her Aunt Cris to this day. Aunt Cris used to babysit us as children and I do have fund memories of those days of what I can remember that is. During our conversation, I encountered some gems being contact information to a first cousin that lives in Stockton, Ca I believe I will call her Aunt as well.  I plan on calling Aunt Margaret tomorrow. The second surprise I got was that I was researching a Manuel F Reza born July 26, 1914 in Texas who my Aunt Cris calls Uncle Manny. I asked her if this person ever lived in the Stockton area. I asked this question because as a child I remember Dad taking us to see this couple that we called Uncle Manuel and his wife Jean. I began to describe certain events that I remembered to Aunt Cris and I was shocked to know that this was the same person that I was researching.  Now, Uncle Manuel like to fiddle with car parts and he had a male bad habit of laying the parts on the kitchen table. His wife would be furious with Uncle Manuel for not cleaning up the mess. Jean as I remember my mother telling me that she was a very meticulous immaculate housekeeper. I remember one time after Uncle Manuel stepped on a rusty nail and gangrene set in which led to the removal of his leg and confined him to a wheelchair, during that time frame that is when Jean lost her touch for house keeping because the last time I remember visiting them their place was not well kept. Catching up on old times did my soul good today which also prompted this post. So, I am into genealogy as some of my family and close friends know, I have been working on Aunt Cris side for some time now. What started the quest was that Aunt Cris spent a lot of time trying to find her Mothers’ death record. I took the challenge and I will admit I was getting frustrated beyond believe. I was pulling my hair literally, throwing my hands up much like a gamer would when someone kiss his avatar -virtual entity.  The fifth or sixth day into the search, I was about to give up but I still plugged away, playing with birth years, demographics leaving the birthplace off. I then spent some time on as well. But, on that sixth day on Familysearch and I still don’t remember what I did but I finally found Aunt Cris’s mothers’ death record.

Death CertificateThe third gem that I was not expecting is that she has a photo of her Mother and Uncle Manuel’s son Robert. I was excited like someone saying let’s go to Disney World my treat. All this time I would think that I would be able to place a photo on the tree that I am working on and the resource was there all the time. I never thought to ask or when I would call I would get wrapped in to what was being discussed at that moment that I would simply forget.  I love this person I call Aunt Cris very much-she is an angle that blesses her loved ones everyday……

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